Website is temporarily closed.

I have moved away from the Oakland Bay Area
and need to rebuild the workshop.

If you would like an email when I reopen,
please use this link: Send Email

Apologies for any inconvenience,
and thank you for your patience.

About Nightgaunt Graphics

Under Construction

Feel free to CONTACT if you have any questions...

1998 - 2018: 20 years of Nightgaunt Graphics!
Still owner operated, still printing in a garage, still DIY.

Family, friends, cohorts, and everyone who has supported my madness:
Thank you!

I started making shirts at the age of 14 in 1988 with pens and markers,
first screen print around 1993 on a kitchen table with a shitty art store kit.
My Father gave me his printing equipment in 1997, started Nightgaunt in 1998.
After 12 years of working 2-3 jobs while slowly building the biz,
it became my only full time job around 2010.

2018 and still motorin’.
My Son now works with me a couple days a week, cleaning screens and helping out.
I will be teaching him how to print soon.

30 years of decorating apparel and still stubborn as a goat.

Upwards and Onwards