Shipping costs are determined by weight and destination.
    The charges come from USPS directly.
    This way you are charged the real costs for shipping.

    To view shipping costs, place something in the cart and go to the cart page.
    There you will find the available options and costs.

    USPS have raised International rates.
    Some folks have ordered together to save on costs,
    helps shave a bit off the top...

  • Please allow up to 4 weeks from order date for me to print and ship your order.
    It is extremely rare that it will take that long,
    but it depends on my current workload.

    Nightgaunt Graphics is a 1 man operation, everything is "Print to Order".
    Each order is screen printed individually by hand after the order has been received.
    Professional D.I.Y.

    Your patience and support is appreciated!

    For an exhaustive explanation on how orders are filled,
    and how Nightgaunt Graphics operates, please read this:

    But a quick explanation is most of my printing is for touring bands, schools, and non-profits.
    These are all extremely time sensitive so they have to come before online printing.

  • All orders come with free online tracking.
    You will receive an email with shipping confirmation
    and tracking info once I have printed and shipped out your order.

  • Because you are ordering a custom printed garment,
    returns are not accepted if you order the wrong size.

    There are Size Charts for each Garment Option
    located on each design page.
    Please use these to find the appropriate size.

    Exchanges are accepted if I send you the wrong size or
    if I messed up in any way. (I'm only human, haha)
    Garment will need to returned within 15 days unwashed and unworn.

    Please contact prior to sending: ORDER EXCHANGE
    Include the reason you would like to exchange it.


    • Semi-Gloss Print:
    A semi-gloss print (like normal shirts you buy).
    But I do need to add that I have spent years perfecting an ink mix and print method
    to give you a sharp, clear print that is not thick and uncomfortable to wear.

    • Vintage Print:
    (Highly recommended)
    A style that gives you a softer feeling print and that nifty-
    "I've had this shirt forever" look and feel.

    The ink I use for this will give you a print that is pretty close to waterbased or discharge inks.
    Waterbased inks are crap (in my opinion).
    Discharge inks are actually a bleaching agent which is toxic
    and not worth the added costs and chemical exposure.

    The ink I use is an oil-based plastisol that will not wash out or crack/flake off.

    What you get with the "Retro Print" option is pretty damn close to the feel of an old 80's print.

    It'll soften a bit more when washed, but will not wash out.
    A common misconception is "The thicker the print, the longer it will last."
    Not true.
    The more ink you plaster on a shirt, the more likely it is to crack, peel, and wash out.

  • Well, it's really more of an "off white".

    I always HATED getting a new shirt that has a thick, blinding white print on it.
    Face it, our music is not bright and cheery.
    The clothes we wear are a direct representation of the bands we listen to and our lifestyles in general.
    Someone 2 miles away does not need to be blinded by the "DOOM" on your chest.

    Off white (light gray) dulls it down just enough and actually keeps more detail in the print.
    The printing method and ink mixtures I use have been perfected over 20+ years of experience
    to create prints that are not 2 inches thick and prone to cracking or washing out.
    (I'm not a fan of thick-ass, bullet proof prints.)

    When it comes to Custom Screen Printing orders (Tour merch, organizations, schools, etc)
    I will print whatever color you want. Yes, including white.

    But when it comes to the designs offered on this website, what is listed in the "Print Details" is what is offered.
    No exceptions.


    During checkout you can include a note in the Order Comments
    (found under "Shipping" on checkout page)

    This is the ONLY customization option available:

    "Please do not include the small logo / sleeve print / back print"

  • Sorry, no.
    Absolutely not.

  • Sorry, nope.
    The brands and styles listed on each design page are what is available.

  • Sorry, no.
    Each design is created for a specific color scheme.

  • Sorry, no can do.
    Designs are approved by the band/artists and I will not alter them in any way.

    Also, taping off parts of a screen risks damaging the emulsion on the screen
    when the tape is pulled off.


    Custom printing for touring bands, businesses, schools, etc actually makes up 80% of Nightgaunt Graphics.
    If you need merch, check out:
    There you will find more info for custom printing.

    If you would like your band / design on the Nightgaunt site,
    send me a link to your band's page / art portfolio and I'll check it out.

  • If you see it, it is available.
    If you don't, it is not.

  • Sorry, no.
    If I do not have an agreement with the band or artist, I will NOT print it.
    That is bootlegging and it is something I strongly oppose.